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Teeth Stitch Markers


"Oh don't worry! These teeth aren't mine."

Handmade with clay, painted and sealed with resin, let the people around you know you're a little weirdo (o:

I've been testing them out with my own projects to make sure they're snag free, secured and lightweight! These little guys hang casually on your work to help you keep track of stitches or maybe just to liven up your knitting projects!

Each teeth themed set comes with 6 stitch markers-- 2 wisdom teeth, 2 teeth in gums and 2 larger chunks of teeth.

These markers will fit needles US10 and below! Because they are handmade, each set will vary slightly but that just adds to the charm (o: Sets are either gun metal/bronze or gold hardware based on what's available to me, but sets will match!

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