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"One mans trash is another mans... slightly more enjoyable trash."

Please check for specifics on all pins here --> https://windows94.bigcartel.com/category/pins

These pins are all defective in one way or another. Some have a small indents in the enamel paint and metal, some have one or two tiny black/white specs on them, or tiny scuff marks.

None of these pins are beyond defect where they are indistinguishable to the original pin design, missing text or important details. These pins just feature a few unique differences to their perfect counterparts. If you're someone who is planning on wearing this on a jacket, bag or someplace that it will eventually get scuffed or fall off, these might be a great option to save a few bucks!

Like all items in my shop, these are non-returnable so if you receive your pin and are unhappy with it, I cannot offer a refund for obvious reasons. Keep this in mind before ordering to avoid any issues!!

Image of Down to Clown Pin
Down to Clown Pin
Image of Proud Clown Pin
Proud Clown Pin
Image of Pierrot Pin
Pierrot Pin
Image of Sad Cutie Clown Pin
Sad Cutie Clown Pin
Image of Happy Cutie Clown Pin
Happy Cutie Clown Pin
Image of One Eyed Demon pin
Sold out
One Eyed Demon pin
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