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Certified Clown Beanie


"Let all your friends know you're a licensed clown."

The next 20 hat orders come with free 3 inch clear vinyl "CLOWN VIBES ONLY" sticker!!

Acrylic Knit Beanie with embroidered text on a red rim, reading CERTIFIED CLOWN™, confetti patterning atop. One size fits most adults. Might fit a big headed child.

This item comes with a Digital PDF "Certificate of Clownery". This certificate states that you are a Certified Clown™. This certification is only valid for your mental state, do not attempt clownery on the highest level as this certificate does not mean you are qualified to be a clown, but because you are willing to wear this loud hat you have solidified yourself as the clowniest among the people you know and isn't that enough? Certificate is not valid among the company of a world wide, licensed clown, but hopefully they appreciate your enthusiasm!

This certificate is Signed by yours truly ;o) Will be sent as a PDF. file to your email once your order is shipped. You can download and print if you so desire!

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